He is changing. Investigator Miles Vendak can no longer run from that fact. Even the psychotropic blend of drugs he has been taking is no longer enough.

When the shadowy enemy that destroyed his life reappears, Miles crawls out of his sorrows for one last chance at revenge. Yet even with the latest technology in the United Planets Congress at his fingertips, he finds his tenuous hold on reality growing slimmer and slimmer. Struggling to accept the impossible evidence, he battles his own demons while desperately searching for answers.

Ancient enemies who threaten more than just Earth have begun to stir and Miles’s life is irreparably changed when two people from outside the populated horizon show up on his doorstep.

The stakes rise after the terrible truth of his past is revealed and Miles finds himself at the center of an unimaginable conflict against an abomination born of humanity’s own arrogance. Can Miles find the strength to take up the burden of the appalling duty that has been thrust upon him,


… or will he consign humanity to its fate?


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The God Within is a futuristic, sci-fi thriller that features fast-paced action, foreboding mystery, multiple planets, and a touch of romance.  Jordan T. Higa grew up watching Star Wars and dreaming about Frank Herbert’s Dune, and it shows in this first installment of his new series.

Note for readers:

This is the story that got me interested in writing in the first place and one I’ve been working on since high school.  In fact I’m still working on it as Wattpad is the only place you’ll find it in its current form.  The Captain’s Inferno the series I’m publishing now is actually in the same universe just set a few years before and there’s definitely going to be some crossover.  I’m super excited for it and I hope you are too.

If you’d like to read The God Within now, I’d love for you to connect with me on Wattpad and hopefully leave me your thoughts and votes.  See you there!

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