I am Jordan T. Higa science fiction author and marine engineer. My writing is influenced by my love of technology, the future, and the ever present darkness at the edge of the human soul.

I have long been a reader of the science fiction genre especially darker stories that unite strange and interesting worlds with quasi-supernatural abilities (think Dune or Star Wars). So after much thought, I found myself planning the Universe of The God Within long before I even realized I was going to write a book.

Once I realized it had to be a book I found myself split. I wanted to bring the philosophical nature of Dune, while at the same time keeping the sheer awesomeness of Star Wars. So it was from this place that I began to write the first draft of The God Within. Now I hope that draft is something no one ever sees… because it was horrible. But I knew that I was onto something so I kept working until it became the story you have today.

My goal with The God Within is to be emotive. More than just turning philosophical phrases or flashy action scenes, I want my story to reach out and grab you by your emotions. If I can do that, then I know my story has done its job well.  Right now The God Within is in the beta phase, click here if you’d like to be a beta reader, but I have another short story series I am working on in the same universe called The Captain’s Inferno, which is available now, so I hope you check it out!

More personally, I was raised in a small town in Washington State and after four years of school in New York and a couple years spent bouncing around the East Coast. I settled in Norfolk, VA with my beautiful wife Jordan (we are both just so amazing we had to have the same name) and our daughter Rose.

In my free time, my hobbies include working out, martial arts, and reading. Besides that, I enjoy defeating my wife at Scrabble (when she’s not cheating) and playing just about any other board or card game known to man.